mariuszwww2 Mariusz Gandzel was born in 1980 in the south of Poland, and he still lives there. He has graduated from the Architecture Department in Poland (Gliwice), and there he has started his adventure with drawing. At present he is drawing S-F, fantasy and horror illustrations. These arts are used in books, magazines, board games, role playing games and CD covers. He is interested in various techniques of painting like water colours, acrylic, pencils and ink; He mixes these techniques with the computer processing, but always starts each illustration on the piece of paper and refines it until the sketch gets the proper form. He is skilled in drawing characters and also, because of his faculty, he produces various images of buildings, constructions, and machines. His favourite genres of inspiration are: S. King’s Dark Tower, early Tim Burton’s movies, Rodney Matthews and Roger Dean paintings and early 80’s movie posters. Mariusz is a big fan of horror movies from the 80’s, Stephen King’s books, Andreas Martens’s comic books, and film music of any kind. He is currently working as an international freelance artist. Since 2014 he is a regular guest on Conventions in Poland and Germany. You can see him there, speak with him, get the autographs on cards and buy original arts or prints.

 ………...’the most important thing for me is doing my job the best I can-with feeling and precision- and it’s very time-consuming… 30 years from now nobody will care when and where Gandzel put some comments or said something wise or stupid on a public meeting. I prefer drawing. Not too much talking ; )’….                                                              from Michael  Tresca interview with Mariusz from 2013.